"It all started decades ago as young girl in secondary school with a passion for hair and creating styles. I remember doing braids for my classmates at the age of 11 and charging them £10 each, oh how far we have come lol. From a very young age i used to watch music channels and sitcoms and tried to recreate the style of celebrities such as Brandy, Destiny's child, Rihanna, and so on. But biggest motivation was wanting to be able to style my mother's hair, My mother was such a good sport, she would allow me to practice on her hair, it wasn't so good in the beginning lol but then again they do say that practice makes perfect ...as time went on it got to the point that her friends praised my worked and express how lucky she was to have her own personal hair dressers and wanted me to also do their hair. The passion grew stronger and stronger over the years whilst studying I dedicated time to learn more about hair and how to do various different styles, eventually opened a salon and also collaborated with professional hair stylist and trainers which has lead to the birth of Braidid (Glory be to God). These products and extensions have been carefully created and selected over the years, I hope you enjoy our collection. With Love Oma xx "

Salon days

The Salon is where we have been fortunate enough to grow our skills, build a network of hair stylist and a client base. Its a safe space to create amazing styles and celebrate black hair and culture. Some may even call the salon therapeutic, magical, and inspiring, Hair is a significant part of each individuals appearance and When you look good you feel good.

  • 27 pieces (if you know you know)

    Without taking it to far back there was a point in time that it was very trendy to rock short styles, and wig caps. everybody wanted the stylist who was bomb and cutting theses short styles. circa 2010

  • Old Skool Twist

    At a point in time and for a very long time, small twist and box braids were very popular and the go to protective style, however back then they used to be very tight and harsh on your edges. circa 2012

  • Knotless Braids

    Fast forward to the current times and it all about Knotless, boho and goddess braids, which are extremely versatile and kind to our edges, one thing about us is we also innovate and move with the times. Circa 2021


Braidid Pre-stretchered braiding hair extensions and Hair care range is UK's number 1 leading hair extension brand. Our quality hair extensions were carefully sorted and created to give customers value for their money whilst also no compromising on quality, We wanted a range that is free from chemicals, environmentally friendly and kind to our clients scalp & skin..

We also have a sister company called Jayema formed of experienced hairstylists with a reputation for creating exceptional hairstyles and braids while always delivering a professional and fast service.

Our customers are always guaranteed quality products and a reliable service. Our product range is carefully selected to ensure top quality hair extensions and also provide you with a variety of premium haircare products to support you on your hair journey.

We also have a Natural hair care product range which consist of Lavender shampoo & conditioner and The UK's No 1 selling Argan oil hair growth treatment serum, which is 100% Natural, and great for hair growth, light shine on you hair, shinning your braids & weaves, and greasing your scalp and Our best seller Jayema's leave in conditioner which is great for your Natural hair and maintaining your braids, boho curls, and curly hair.